As we are facing this pandemic, we are going through rough times altogether, a lot of businesses took a big hit due to the curfew and the obligatory closure. A lot of businesses have now switched to online exposure and are trying to conduct their business out of their offices, but how can that be translated to restaurant owners?

Onixx Media is here to provide a service and offer a package that will help your restaurant open to the digital world.

We will be able to improve your online presence by using effective restaurant marketing as our package includes different forms of marketing that will keep your loyal clients and attract new ones.

These services can range from Facebook pages to email marketing, it is all for us to maintain loyal customers and promote your restaurant.

Restaurant marketing strategies can vary, but we want to create a very strong social media presence, be able to interact with guest posts. This is crucial for both big and small businesses.

The package includes the following unique marketing services:

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Social Media Marketing:

As you know Facebook, Instagram, and the different social media outlets out there are platforms that are still growing, but the rules and updates that take place for marketing on it are always under review and updates and it can be quite challenging if it’s not done under the right hands!

We will conduct an in-depth search for the clientele you want to reach and target the ads towards them to be as effective as possible. These ads can be Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or focused towards your preferred Social Media outlet.

The package will be including 20 Social media posts including 4 ads, 4 engagements, 8 reaches & Awareness.

This will make sure that the reach is constant and we keep attracting new clients with the latest methods on how to market a restaurant on Facebook.

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Marketing Articles:

This will be including a different angle to reach out to customers that are complementary to the social media marketing strategy for restaurants.

The package is offering 3 articles that are very informative, original, and creative. It will help attract the clients through descriptive content that best describes the menu offered and the culinary expertise of the resident chef. This will give the clients a great idea of what they should expect from your restaurant, as they read through it and the mouth-watering dishes offered.

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Video production:

Our team will offer 2 well-made videos that provide a quick source of information and an outlook on the menu and the food, it serves as a way to reach the clients that tend to enjoy marketing through videos as they can grab the attention more with the right music and the right production.

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Email Marketing:

We offer 2 marketing emails, that will make sure that we have a full range of reach to all possible clients, as we prepare an email that is sent to the subscribers for the news feed of the restaurant. It can include specific targeting for special occasions e.g (Promotional offers).

Weekly report:

In order for you and us to know how the marketing strategy is picking up, you will be receiving a weekly report that has all the details for each unique marketing service we offer.

The analytics will portray what will increase the engagement the most, how we can maybe alter our strategy moving forward, or save even what the clientele responds to the most in that specific area. This allows for micromanagement for the entire process and adjusts with unique digital marketing ideas.

Thank you note:

A custom thank you note that will be sent with the orders for delivery. This will create a more engaging experience with each client as they will feel valued. Multiple notes will be created to have a variety of ways to show how grateful we are that the clients are ordering from the restaurant.

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Social Media brand guide:

Full documentation guide for your branding that has been set up for the Social Media side of marketing. This allows an insight and transparent communication with our team to be able to understand your branding and how it serves to develop your digital content strategy goals.

Google My Business:

The creation of a full Google My Business accounts in order to boost the reach and make sure that once the restaurant is located through Google, it will have all the needed information displayed and what makes your restaurant unique and desirable.

These are the packages that we offer in order to elevate your restaurant and make it more visible and reach a larger amount of clients. Our packages are specially designed to help restaurants meet their target clients.

Once you are in the hands of Onixx, you can rest assured and focus on doing what you do best, making the gastronomic dishes you are known for, and we will make sure that your menu gets the exposure it deserves. We as a creative agency are here to help build your brand so that the name of your restaurants will carry more weight and bring more clients. You can count on our professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and the endless care we will provide to your establishment.

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