With over 2 billion active users, it’s undeniable that Facebook is essential for your digital marketing strategy. The key is to create exceptional and distinguished Facebook ads that stand out in people’s news feed and it essentially comes down to one question: How to make the best Facebook ad?

Know Your Audience

First, knowing who your audience is and who you are targeting demographically speaking is essential into optimizing your ad. Facebook offers a tool called “Audience insights” which demonstrates various metrics including age and gender distribution among your current page likes, lifestyle, relationship status, education level, and job title. Once you’ve learned a little bit more about what kind of people are interested in what you are offering, then you can specifically choose the geographic area where you want your post to be visible. Ideally, each ad should target one area (country, city, or province). This will help you save money on bidding. Age, sex, and interests are also criteria you can manage when you sponsor your ad.

Make It Visual

Visual content has more chances to be more attractive than just plain written text, and it’s also more likely to be shared and remembered by your audience. No matter what type of ad you decide to opt for, your image, or video needs to be visually appealing. Facebook offers various tips on image sizes along with other tips on how to post your content. Remember, keep your ad short and extremely clear. The goal here isn’t selling: it’s about convincing users to click on the ad to discover more about who you are or what you can offer.

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Create a Call-to-Action

Now that your audience has been defined, a great approach is to encourage them to act upon what you are offering. For instance, if your ad is dedicated to attracting new followers or clients, your ad should then focus on increasing your page’s Likes. You can choose to add a Like or Learn more button to get your audience engaged. And share, share, share! Encourage your audience to share your posts on their feed by mentioning them in your post, or in your video. If you encourage them to share your post, they will likely do it than not, and this will help you promote your message.

Getting new Likes

You are allowed to exclude audiences such as people who already like your page. It is considered best practice to exclude your current followers, as the whole point of your campaign is to get additional likes, new prospects and not to get irrelevant impressions by showing your ads to people who already know your product.

You are paying for an ad, so it can be tempting to cram in as much information as possible. However, when it comes to Facebook ads, you need to keep them short. People don’t want to waste time reading a long story in their feed, so simply go straight to the point! Remember, we consume hundreds of different posts every day so you should get these points across in a clear and concise manner.

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