Enhanced Package: Happy Hour

We are going through a time in history that will always be remembered. The pandemic has created chaos, sickness, and a lot of lost business. A lot of people have lost their jobs, their lives, and even their homes.

We want to play a role in this and help restaurant owners survive through this crisis by digitizing their business, by helping them get closer to people, to aid them, to remind them that they can still enjoy the dining experience at the comfort of their home.

We are a creative agency for marketing that is known to stand out with its unique marketing services.

In the world of E-Marketing, we need to be able to offer unique digital marketing ideas especially social media marketing strategies for restaurants.

With a team backing you up full of restaurant marketing experts we will assist you to develop your digital content strategy goals.

The package includes the following:

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Social Media Marketing:

Social media presence is crucial to gain more loyal customers and promote your restaurant effectively. Our coverage will be towards Facebook posts and Facebook ads as well as the other different social media platforms, from Instagram to Pinterest, and the options vary depending on what you want us to focus on.

Social media marketing and Facebook marketing carries a lot of weight for both big and small businesses.

There will be a Facebook cover made as well as 12 posts, 4 ads, 6 reach campaigns, and of course 2 engagement campaigns included in the package.

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Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the pillars for marketing your restaurant, it is a way to reach your clientele for specific promotions or the launch of a new menu for instance. It helps elevate the way your restaurant is viewed, as you share this well-made newsfeed with your clients, it is the base of content for your restaurant, a good way for the reader to get to know your business by using a descriptive and creative way of writing the email, all while using the appropriate keywords that would promote your restaurant.

Semi-monthly report:

Keeping a close eye on the analytics and the advancement of marketing strategies is one of the ways to lead a successful marketing campaign. We offer a semi-monthly report to keep track of how the engagement and the reach are going. With this, we can adapt and target more precisely a greater number of clients as we review the statistics and discuss the best way to take it from there.

Social Media brand guide:

We will be sharing your social media branding guide as a way to have an inner look at our approach for your restaurant and your brand. This way the brand reflects your values and what your business stands for. You will have a greater vision of the steps taken to bring your image on to the map and hopefully your dishes to more clients.

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Google My Business:

One of the ways clients will try to find your business will be through a google search. We will be creating for you a Google My Business platform that is set up to reflect the image and the standards of your restaurant. We will leave no stone unturned until all angles are covered for us to promote.

You can rest assured that we at Onixx Media have been studying and implementing the latest marketing strategies for us to promote your business on a wider level using digital platforms.

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In order to survive during the pandemic and provide a service that will bring joy to both the restaurant staff, the chefs, the owners, and also the clients, we will strive to bring you closer and closer to your clients that have been pushed away due to this awful pandemic.

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