Digital marketing is all marketing activities made through online media or traditional channels to communicate and deliver your values to your current and potential customers. The purpose of using digital marketing is to help you get noticed. So what are the digital marketing channels?

At these modern days, the digital marketing channels used are the following:

  • Social media is applied to build consideration, interest, and awareness.
  • Email and remarketing will help you define a planned intention and eventually more sales.
  • Websites and content marketing are mostly used to receive more attention from potential customers.
  • SEO and SEM known as search engines are the most used channels which can serve to build awareness, interest, consideration, and also more sales.

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Traditional marketing channels are still adopted by some companies, is it a great way to showcase your values on a daily basis? These channels are television, radio, and also digital signs and billboard.

To properly use these channels, you need to have an understanding of each one of them. Many businesses hire a marketing agency or a marketing team to execute successful online marketing strategies based on their needs. Now, why should you use it?

Keep in mind that at this age digital marketing is not just an option for any business but a must. It’s fast, cheap, and measurable.

By implementing a digital marketing strategy, you will be able to analyze helpful insights to target your audience’s behaviors. At the same time, these new methods will allow you to collect valuable variations for any potential customer engagement plan.

Almost 97% of today’s consumers use the web 24 hours 7 days a week. Electronic devices are the first thing they see in the morning and the last thing they see before they go to bed.

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Imagine this, you can actually close the rate ratio to be higher than the intended goal in a short period if you use these four stages as a backbone of your marketing methodology:

  • Attract: once you understand who your customers are and know what they like and dislike, you can then attract them with blogs, social media posts, AdWords, SEO, and an engaging content strategy.
  • Convert: After the attacking stage, the next step is to convert those customers into leads. At this phase, you will need to be in touch with those customers, answering questions and sharing content that is valuable to all personas.
  • Close: This step relies heavily on providing the best buyer’s experience. All the contact information gathered in the convert stage will allow you to push your visitors to become paying customers.
  • Delight: this is the final stage, now that your customers made the purchase, it is up to you to make them happy. Don’t overlook this stage, it is very important to cater to your customer’s needs and making sure that their issues are solved, you will be surprised how fast word-of-mouth advertising works.

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Remember, regardless of what your company sells, digital marketing works no matter what industry or business you in. That’s the beauty of advertising online. So take your time to master all four stages and give each phase equal attention. This strategy is a fast track towards success. Have a digital competitive analysis done, this will help you see where you stand against your top competitors.