In nowadays, we are all using electronic devices to like, share, and post through social media. For some of us, social media apps are just fun diversions, but for others, social media is a field, where good pay comes with pleasant work. So how can you know if choosing social media as a career is the right path for you?

Social media has evolved over the years, thus the opportunities for a career have increased dramatically. If you visit the biggest career websites like Indeed,, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn, you will come across thousands and thousands of social media jobs.

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Start your job hunting by using keywords like social media, marketing strategist, social advertising, data analyst, digital content or media, online community, social marketing, and so on; these will allow you to find more offers online.

  • Data analyst is a huge thing in social media marketing, being able to use data of social media collected on a daily basis to distinguish what works and what doesn’t, allows companies to adopt suitable and effective marketing strategies. Plus, digital marketing requires people who can tell a good story, converting an idea into appealing and engaging content. So basically, you should be able to entertain, inform, and inspire potential and current customers.
  • Social advertising is also highly demanded, essentially, you should be capable of creating innovative ads that can reach a targeted audience based on social behavior.
  • A marketing strategist is a person who leads a team of talented members to conduct research in order to identify potential consumers and current market trends. As a marketing strategist, you should be a team player and a problem-solving individual.
  • A customer service representative’s duties are engaging with customers’ messages in a consistent way, reacting to their complaints, and finding suitable solutions when needed. With the right customer service, you can maintain the trust of loyal customers, and also gain new ones.
  • A social media moderator helps delete spam messages and supervise the issues which need a close follow-up. Some brands may be lucky if they receive a few comments on their posts per day, while others can receive comments per second. The role of a social media moderator is to get current and potential customers involved by providing discussion topics, encouraging them to share, likes, comments, and setting group boundaries and rules on each platform.

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There is always room for progress, you can easily climb the ladder if you pick a specialty that suits you and your skills. If you however don’t have the skills needed and still are interested in the social media field, we recommend having these certificates that will surely get you the right attention of social media recruiters.

  • Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Specialist

This is a widely used term in marketing. This platform contains several social media certificates which will help you gain and sharpen the most wanted skills by recruiters. Before starting these courses, it is necessary to demonstrate that you have a deep understanding of social media to acquire these certificates.

  • Facebook Blueprint

Facebook has evolved in the last couple of years to be the largest social media platform. By far It is one of the most effective social media channels for advertisement. With the Facebook blueprint certifications’ courses, you will most certainly learn the skills to develop Facebook pages for advertising campaigns, and also how you can manage to stay on top of the portfolio tools and ad formats.

  • Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification

This social media marketing platform offers training that aims to develop the soft skills necessary to get any social media job, from beginner to advanced courses this is suitable for all levels.

Social media has become a fundamental marketing tool. If you have the potential and enthusiasm you will succeed in any social media role.

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