By Lames Shalaby

1- Instagram Reels

Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or even Youtube, everyone is loving the short video formats. They are catchy, easily digestible and they are perfect for the attention span of our generation.

A lot of our clients have grown their business by switching to reels, the more active they are with their videos, the more organic growth they receive.

First thing is first, you need to find out what it is you want to be known for, and what is your audience. Let’s say, we want to give tips on how to become more productive at work or at school, from there you need to find what are the best studies that can support your tips and tricks, and then make it in your own style, to be both credible and also informative.

After that, you need to find those perfect thumbnails and add to that a great headline so you can hook people in. Add to that nice trendy music and some subtitles for those who watch their videos on silent mode and you got yourself a successful reel.

2- Optimize Your Profile

It Is Crucial For You To Prepare Your Instagram Profile For Any Visitors. Make Sure You Have Content That Will Be Interesting To The Audience You Are Trying To Reach. From There, You Have To Keep Your Page Updated With Pictures, And Stories, This Way A Lot Of Your Followers Will Remember Why They Hit That Follow Button.

Instagram Allows You To Describe Yourself In 150 Characters In Your Bio, So You Have To Use Those 150 Characters Wisely. Make Sure To Have Emojis, But Not Too Much, And Also Add Your Age, Interests That You Want To Be Shared With Your Followers; And Last But Not Least, Add A Line That Will Remind Your Followers That You Are Someone They Should Keep An Eye On!

3- The $1.80 Strategy

If You Are Not Familiar With The Name Of The Strategy $1.80, It Comes From The Saying “Leaving My 2 Cents”. A Lot Of Known Marketers Are Implementing This Strategy Into Gaining More Followers And Engaging With People That Have The Same Interests As You.

All You Need To Do Is Find The Top 9 Posts On The Most Engaging Hashtags Within Your Niche, And Then Leave A Like As Well As A Thoughtful And Meaningful Comment. What Will Happen Next Is, Your Name Will Start To Be Associated With All These High Traffic Posts That Are Within Your Niche, And People Will Eventually Start To Engage Back With You, And You Will Gain Followers That Are Within Your Target Audience, Who Are Genuinely Interested In Your Content.

Make Sure Not To Over Use This Strategy, As Instagram Is Keeping A Close Eye On This And You Might Risk Getting Your Account Taken Down. Nonetheless, All You Have To Do Is Start Slow, And Go For The Top 9 Posts On 4 To 5 Hashtags In Your Niche On A Daily Basis.

4- Theme Page Shoutouts

I Know We Said You Won’t Be Spending A Single Penny, But I Was Talking About Instagram Ads, And This Is Different, If Not Cheaper. All You Have To Do Is Find These Famous Pages That Usually Have No Real Face, Or Name Behind Them, And They Post Content That Is Usually Related To A Specific Niche. Once You Find The Page That Speaks To You, And You Feel That Your Content Resonates With It, Then You Can Contact Them, And For $20 To $40, They Will Agree To Give You A Shoutout, And Your Page Will Be Exposed To Over 100 To 200K Followers, And You Might Gain 500 Followers Overnight.

If You Follow The Three Methods Mentioned Before, You Will Most Likely Reach 1K Followers Within 30 Days, But If You Are Impatient And Want To Speed Things Up, We Do Recommend Getting Yourself A Shoutout Or Two.

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