What is CDAP or Canada Digital Adoption Program?

The Government of Canada has launched Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) to help SMEs get online and use technology. CDAP also known as PCAN grant in French has two kinds of grants for your business. Grow Your Business Online grant, and Boost Your Business Technology grant. Check your eligibility for the first program here and for the second program here. The programs aim to get your business online, increase your sales, connect you with customers and offer similar exciting services. Read below about the advantages of the program.

The grants will allow you to benefit these services for free if your business meets the eligibility criteria. Please note just being eligible does not automatically guarantee your chance to win the award. The Award is highly competitive and requires your firm to work closely with a local service provider. The service provider will work with you to build you an e-commerce website, equip the website with online ordering system, electronic payment, customer database and more.

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Why Working with a Service Provider?

For Grow Your Business Online grant, your firm needs to hire a consultant, such as Onixx Media to implement back-office solutions, administer digital marketing strategies, optimize your site for SEO, and manage your social media advertisements. Working with a consultant will minimize unnecessary headache, improve efficiencies, and increasing your chance for winning the award. Indeed, hiring and working with a digital marketing firm is a requirement to execute your digital marketing strategies. Please see page 4 of this link for more details.

For Boost your Business Technology grant, you will still need to work with external service provider, such as digital advisors. Digital advisors will work with you to develop and implement a digital adoption plan for your business. All of these technicalities require careful planning, good administration and executing skills. Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your interest and eligibility.

How Can OnixxMedia 
assist you with CDAP Application?

We are committed to quality services backed with solid successful portfolio, and happy clients over the past eight years. To apply for CDAP, we assist you to

  • Draft and implement your digital adoption plan from A to Z.
  • Create user-friendly e-commerce website. See our portfolio online here.
  • Create SEO optimized content
  • Administer successful social media marketing campaigns
  • Stand out among the crowd.

CDAP Grant
Application Process

Step 1: The process to apply is quick and easy. First check your eligibility criteria. Click here for Grow Your Business Online edibility criteria and click here for Boost Your Business Technology Grant.

Step 2: Once you are eligible, get in touch with Onixx Media, and one of the our digital consultant will guide your through the next step. The next step is developing and implanting a comprehensive Digital Adoption Plan for your business.

Step 3: Once this plan is ready, you will need to submit the plan to the CDAP portal and await for CDAP to reimburse the eligible costs. There are eligible and non-eligible costs. Don’t worry. We will take care of everything.

Step 4: Then, you can apply to receive up to $100,000 loan. Depending on your business conditions, the amount can vary. Moreover, this step involves practical actions to implementing the plan, participating to Government surveys, and ensuring six months continues work for digital adoption plan.

What is the Advantages of CDAP for your Business?

A. Grow your Business Online with help your business to

  • Get online
  • Increase sales
  • Adopt security software
  • Connect with customers
  • Improve social media marketing
  • Improve user experience for online customers

B. Boost Your Business Technology will help your business to

  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Speed up transactions
  • Respond to clients more quickly
  • Manage inventory more efficiently
  • Improve supply chain logistics

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