Website maintenance & support

At Onixx media we have a complete solution for website
maintenance and support. Don’t hesitate and feel free to contact us
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Are you looking to update your business’ website but you don’t have enough time and resources to manage it? We are here to help you with your website support and maintenance services. We help you with:

  • Updating Website Content
  • Hosting Management
  • Backup Of Servers
  • SEO Services

Why You Need Maintenance for your Website?

Informative Website for Customer

Having a dynamic website is an essential for business of any type. It is only beneficial if you have set up a website and people search for that.

Maintenance and support

  • Fixing Of Bugs and Broken Scripts.

  • Edition, Revision, Updating And Creation Of  New Content On Exiting Website Or Creating New Website.

  • Telephonic and Customer Support for Your Website.

  • Protecting and Maintain Graphics, Code, Sources with Backup and Disaster Recovery Management.

  • Help You In Website Maintenance, Performance Improvement And Optimization Of Your Website.

  • Creating New Codes, Graphic and Other CSS Style Code for Your Website.

  • Manage Website Security Problems Including Website Theft, Databases Security, Code Security And Other Website Security Matters.

  • Provide Documentation And Consultation For Any Enhancement Of Changes In Your Website.

  • Technical Support around Website Major Issues.

Need of Fresh Content

For beating competitors as well as retaining your customer you need to post on the daily or weekly basis. It will help you to stay connected with your customer and to stay at the top in search engines as search engines like fresh content.
Whatever you need for maintaining your website we have a solution for it. We help you manage your website hosting, regular site backups, design and development updates, and making your website search engine friendly.

Hosting Support

  • Server Management And Backups

  • Updating Software Of Servers

  • Managing The Users

  • Evaluation Of Performance

  • Optimization Of Database

  • Protection From Viruses And Other Site Threats

  • Uptime Management

Beat the Competitors

Due to a great competition in the market, you need your website to rank higher than your competitors. For this to come true, you need a lot of essentials and one of the important factors is up-to-date content that is likable by both search engines and your visitors.

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