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WordPress Hack Cleanup

If you experienced your WordPress website hacked how to move forward is an essential step to make. We have professionals that working with all types of website hacking issues. We offer you WordPress hack cleanup services to make sure you that your website is safe against any hacking situation that you may face in future.
We will check you website codes, scripts, files and plugins to make sure that your website is free from all the malicious code and not accessible by these bad guys in future.

SSL Certificate Installation

SSL Certificates ensure a secure and encrypted communications between browser and website. SSL Certificates help to secure the end-users sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers that they submit online.
Our SSL experts will help you to properly install your SSL certificate. So if you are looking for a professional that have years of experience in installing SSL certificates, Call us we have experienced professional to help you in SSL certificate installation.

Website Security Software Installation

Website security software helps you to protect your website from hackers and other malicious activities. Installing this security software is a tough task because you may not know that if it installed properly and configured. This may also lead to an attack of a hacker on your website resources. At Onixx Media our professionals have years of experience in installing and updating your website security software. We will also offer you custom security software installation for getting the better security of your website.

Fix the Backdoors & Coding Issues

Backdoor exploit is a way in which a hacker can add access to your website admin board without knowing you. Hackers has authority to enter in your backend directly without any permission or log in through front-end login page. Our team at Onixx Media help you to fix your backdoor and other malicious coding issues found at your website. We will check and update all codes and scripts that looking suspicious for your website so that you can avoid hacker attacks.

Lockdown Directory and File Permissions

Lock down the website directories in the backend and setting permission on file will help you to secure your website data from hackers. Mostly the hackers attack the websites that had set some low permission for their media and other files and directories. We have best website developers that help you to update the file permissions and lock down website directories to avoid further access of hackers.

Setting Verification Methods

Setting up the different type of security verification and filter will help you to secure your website from unwanted activities. Due to lack of time site owner use these verification methods to avoid unwanted login attempts and other form submissions. Our experts will help you to set up two-step verification, CAPTCHA/honeypot to varieties to avoid spam emails and many other verification methods you need for the better performance of your website.

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