About this project

The project was a learning experience, as we had to digest all the treatments and to really understand what differentiates each service from the other. We also had to know what are the categories that the client wanted to go for, so we can build the website in a way that would make it easier to flow through the different services, as each page will take you to another page that has similar services.

We did a full rebranding, with a new logo and new colorway. The client wanted a luxurious curated and classy look. We a added some softness to that and voila!

UI/UX has been taken into account for the entire layout, coupled with UX content enriched with SEO friendly keywords that added a great deal to the organic traffic from the get-go.

Published On: April 12, 2021

By Onixxmedia

Categories: Web Design, Web Development, Branding



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