About this project

The project was a mixture between an E-Commerce website, and also a custom designed outfits website.

We had to categorize each section by itself, streamline the e-commerce outfits, have an easy access menu that allows you to quickly navigate through it. For the custom outfits, we divided it into 2 subsections, one for dancing outfits, and the other one for a more general custom outfit. We added a customized form to get all the needed measurements and a quick consultation page if you want to add any specific details and talk to the designer directly.

UI/UX played a huge role and keeping the website clutter free and the experience enjoyable through and through.

The UX content reflected the exact descriptions and added all the keywords to be able to compete with the local and national competition for the organic traffic.

Published On: April 12, 2021

By Onixxmedia

Categories: Web Design



The main focus on this project, is to categorize the different sections for E-commmerce to make it very easy to navigate. Also to facilitate the custom outfits orders by making a custom form for all the measurements needed.

Responsive design

Respecting the norms of UI/UX and keeping the importance on the right pictures and sections, the responsiveness of the website was a great success, as we had most of the sales come through mobile devices.