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As we know today, with digital marketing being of the biggest factors in putting your company and business on the map, it is important to review what are some of the pillars that will help your digital campaign be successful. Branding has been crucial for years upon years, and if I say the famous phrase “I’m loving it!” you will immediately think of Mcdonald’s. With only three words, a fast food chain conglomerate has become known on a global scale, and if you add to that the red color and the golden arches, well you have been able to define what successful branding is!

By Lames Shalaby

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We have now talked about the importance of a slogan, the colors used, and last but not least how important it is to be memorable. 

Stay tuned as we will get into why branding is extremely important to help grow your business and why you need to stay consistent to have more clientele reach. 

Why Is Branding Important For Your Business?

The best way to describe branding is that you want your business to be known, by its color-scheme, its fonts, its logo and that makes up for the entire branding identity. Humans are more visual, and they also have a very short attention span, so they’ll be able to register the colors and branding style a lot easier than other aspects that make your business unique. A properly branded website that is followed with a marketing strategy that is well thought-out will lead to generate a lot of traffic but also help you become more recognizable and build a faithful client base. 

While we speak of uniqueness, your brand identity needs to be just as unique as your personality, a true representation of the company’s mission and vision, and also a combination of your passion and why your business is so important to you. At Onixx Media, we usually conduct several meetings with our clients for us to get to know them on a deeper level and what drives them every day to keep pushing their business to the next level; from there we try to incorporate that in their branding identity, as it also acts like a reminder to keep them fueled up for the rainy days.

Be Consistent With Your Branding

Consistency is key! Now that you have created your digital image, through your website and your full branding identity, how do we stay consistent enough that our newly born branding baby will bare its fruits? It’s simple, you need to stay relevant and keep yourself visible, especially to your targeted audience. For you to be memorable, you need to first of all be present and on display. The best way to do this is, your social media campaigns needs to have graphic designs that are woven from your branding, and help put your image out there. In addition to that, you need to be posting multiple times per week, on different social media platforms and focus on those that have the highest concentration of your targeted audience. Your branding can also be integrated in reels and short video formats, as you add your logo, the font and introduce the colors without being overwhelming. Remember, less is more! 

If you are in the market for a great branding revamp in addition to a kick-ass marketing strategy and social media campaign, we have a variety of packages at Onixx Media that can help bring your business back in business!

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